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Akita Computer Repairs - Laptop Repairs

Repairing Laptop's can be a lot more complex than repairing a desktop PC. Obviously if the fault is software related it makes no difference but if there is a fault with a component, it may be necessary to strip down the laptop to access these parts.

Laptop Repairs - Replacement Screens FittedThis is obviously a lot more time consuming and therefore similar faults to those experienced with desktop computers can be a lot more expensive to repair.

Akita Computers however repair a lot of laptops and so we are a lot more experienced than some other computer repair shops. Our experience means that you get the job done quickly, and when you are paying for labour, this means that you PAY LESS.


broken_laptop_screenWe can replace your broken laptop screen from as little as £80 supplied and fitted. This is the best price in town GUARANTEED!

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