Computer Repairs

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Why don't we provide the parts?

We decided some time ago not to supply parts for a number of reasons. The first being the cost.

The value of computer parts is a little like stocks and shares in that their value rises and falls. Buying parts in advance often left us with parts that were no longer in demand, or with prices that were no longer competitive unless we made a loss. We also realised that our customers may in fact be able to source them cheaper than we can as a business using the likes of ebay and Amazon. It is for that reason that we will guide our customers where to get the very best prices for their components and then we can fit them for our customers.

It’s also possible that a customer may not be able to afford brand new parts, especially the likes of graphics cards for gaming PC’s that can cost several hundreds. We are perfectly happy to install second hand components if a customer wants to buy from Ebay etc.

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