Soldering Work

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Soldering Work - what services do we offer?

Apart from repairing the usual things such as laptops, phones, tablets, sat-nav’s and gaming consoles, we also provide soldering services for any electronic device that may need a bit of soldering.

With over 30 years experience soldering the very smallest of components, Roy, the owner of Akita Computers & Akita Consoles is capable of undertaking any soldering work that you may require. We have an extensive collection of tools to give you the very best service we possibly can.

If you need something soldering to get it working again and haven’t been able to find a reliable and affordable electronics engineer, then please get in touch. We love fixing things, it is our passion.

Give Roy a call today on 07725 721 413 or fill in the form below with your enquiry. We try to respond as soon as we possibly can.

Need some soldering work doing? Get in touch with your enquiry

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